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Courses & Workshops



Courses and Workshops

Via our library of global stories, folktales, fables, proverbs and cultural expressions, we present our Applied Theatre, immersive stories combined with embedded obstacles and dilemmas in order to offer the learner collaborative opportunities to creatively navigate and explore potential solutions. An authentically innovative addition to the pastoral support and academic learning journey. 

Course 1

Applied or Social Theatre

Course 2

Curriculum & Pastoral Alignment

Course 3

Holiday Camps

Course 4

Presenting RAAPD

Course 5

Corporate Social Responsibility


Applied or Social Theatre

The form of theatre we use is called Applied or Social Theatre. This form of drama focuses on the process and reflective nature of the interchanging or participatory audience/actor relationship. A useful example would be Role Playing a scenario. It offers the participants a platform to engage, change and explore the narrative by becoming part of the play and having the creative, safe space, to explore a range of alternative outcomes. Our focus includes the aspects of:

- Wellbeing

- Embedded Literacy

- Personal, social, health and economical studies.

- Empathy

- Creative Process

- Engagement

- Social Awareness

- Collaboration

- Personal responsibility

- Leadership Opportunities

Each course includes materials which enhance and scaffold the learning experience. 


Curriculum & Pastoral Alignment

We deliver courses that align with the following subjects:


  • Literacy: traditional, emotional and financial 

  • P.S.H.E,

  • Art and Design

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • Performing and Expressive Arts.

We produce and deliver, Solution Based Drama embedded programs for both independent, maintained and Alternative / Home Education cohorts, in addition to our innovative seasonal Experiences. These are usually booked either within three, six or ten week blocks.

We know that our new wave of exciting leaders, coders, artists, scientists, social science creatives, inventors, entrepreneurs, intelligentsia and the like, will all benefit with the capacity to collaborate, develop deep listening skills and respond as opposed to reacting. 

With a range of worksheets, expressive art activities (which include but not limited to), drama, creative writing, improvisational exercises and verbal mapping to allow the student to explore approaches to personal successes and a holistic approach to learning.

Course 2
Image by Rafael Garcin

Holiday Camps

Our holiday Camps take place in the heart of London, from our beautiful shared, buzzing creative hub -  the state of the art studio and gallery space that is , where Euston meets Regent's Park. 

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Presenting RAAPD
The Responsive Arts Processes
to Participatory Development.

The Research & Development element of Sankofa Storytelling Arts is a culmination of a three year collation of distilling and identifying the aspects of intersectionality of the most pressing global and societal issues affecting children and the community. Through the lenses of wellbeing, entrepreneurship and the environment, this aspect of our service is an exciting think tank for and including children. 


These multidisciplinary courses will not only stretch and challenge our young creatives but also the findings of collaborative ideas and solutions will feed into our new quarterly newsletter and form part of our creative matrix resource.


Corporate Social Responsibility 

Sankofa Storytelling Arts aims to use only sustainable materials within our courses as much as possible, from our arts materials to embedding a range of emerging issues. 


This involves themes or stories which align with the emerging issues facing humanity and local communities. 


These past few years have reinvigorated our approach to access and participatory equity for all children and young people to engage with programmes. One of the contributing factors that can address this is our scholarship scheme. With each education course, Holiday Camp and workshop experience we deliver, we offer a full scholarship place allocated to children from our Community CSR register.


Please enquire if your child meets the Community CSR criteria. This includes recipients from a: Free School Meal, young carer and/or Neurodiverse child from a one-parent family background.

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