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Sankofa Storytelling Arts

San'ko fa' - a phrase from the Akan lexicon, a society from West Africa who arguably viewed time as an experiential, learning tool. Our interpretation of Sankofa is loosely based on the concept of embracing the wisdom from all experiences and lessons from the past, in order to responsibly enhance and inform our future; individually, societally and environmentally. Or in other words, to offer alternative solutions to perceived obstacles.


Distilling applied theatre to foster and support critical and courageous thinking during a child’s educational journey is distinctive in that at the heart of our applications are the routes to wellness and mindfulness as an innate and constantly developing feature.


Applied theatre is an exciting format – sometimes interchangeable with applied drama or social drama – and is primarily a transformative and transparent process whereby the issues that are raised are teased and explored by and for participants.

Image by Rafael Garcin

Top 5 benefits of Mindfulness & Wellbeing Drama:

  • Provides a safe space to engage with challenging issues.

  • Promotes resilience by way of empathy and problem-solving.

  • Offers a zen mind space as an immediate go to tool.

  • Gives confidence to try new ideas.

  • Contributes to the transferrable skills of discipline, focus and reflection.


Courses & Workshops

Our educational and pastoral applied theatre based workshops and courses combine either a craft or expressive art exercise to encourage critical thinking, collaboration and are used as a exploratory tool to illustrate self-development.

Our Community courses and workshops range from Continual Professional Development to Adult Expressive Arts experiences - new for this year.

“It is not the place of the theatre to show the correct path, but only to offer the means by which all possible paths may be examined,” — Augusto Boal.

Our Vision

The previous three years have been an exciting and challenging series of artistic research and development: distilling our practice and refining our aspirational goals. With support and partnerships from Camden Giving, The Old Diorama Arts Centre and the Employment Strategy Department within Camden Council, we navigated the pandemic to collate the key elements of our past school residencies, community programmes and young people training to focus our aims moving forward. They are: producing a distinctive series of Wellbeing and Mindfulness Drama experiences that support both the academic, pastoral, wellbeing and entrepreneurial aspects of self-development and producing an innovative annual family festival.



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